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Our team has many skills, so we can offer a wide range of services. At Angry Panda Film & Design Co. We don’t know the limits. Our goal is to give you the material you imagined, on time, within your budget and we always exceed your expectations.

We are a creative agency created by young entrepreneurs dedicated to the production of video, audiovisual media, marketing, photography and aerial video and design based in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and Los Cabos, Baja California Sur with which we want to enhance all the possibilities of our customers to advertise their brand, service, event or memory in a creative, original and accessible way!


Video production has become a critical tool for educating potential customers.

Explanatory Video

Discover different styles of professional videos that you can use to welcome your visitors.

Video and aerial photography

We use multirotors -DRONES- Remote controlled to deliver stunning, high-quality images and video that could hardly be achieved with a manned aircraft


Product photo, fashion, architectural, portrait, real estate, social events, and whatever you can think of!

Production services.

Realization, post-production, scouting, script, casting, grips, P.A. Gafer.

Brandingy design.

The process of making and building a brand by strategically managing the total set of assets directly or indirectly linked to the name

The faces you’ve been waiting for

Our wonderful team

Alex C. Morales

Tlatoani Fundador

Lulla Camacho

Social Media

Aliux Saavedra

Diseñador, Fotografo

Ale Aldasoro

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Video and design are a paradise of individuality, eccentricity, abnormality and good humor.

We are Angry Panda Film & Design Co, a creative agency located in the heart of the city of San Jose del Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. We pride ourselves on developing unique and professional solutions with a wide variety of media. Take a look and don’t be shy.

What can we help you achieve?

Your personal or corporate brand ? Impact your market Web Design & UI Stand out from the crowd

Commercial video
If you need a corporate video or an advertising spot, we can help you. We develop and apply the identity to all pieces of communication, using all the multimedia elements: images, videos and texts...  Consults!
Video and Aerial Photography
Videos, photographs and drone recordings are a technology that has come to stay, and put at our fingertips air resources that not so long ago were only within reach of a few productions. Drone recordings and aerial photography are now at the service of everyone. You can also count on this added value to your productions, whether fiction, weddings, video clips, television, documentary, advertising, corporate
Explanatory video
Put a video on your website’s homepage! Discover different styles of professional videos that you can use to welcome your visitors.
The Key to Business is the “Branding”, that is, in the power of the brand as a differentiating element and design is the perfect tool to define and communicate the goals that your company intends.
Research. Strategy. Design. Development.